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A Hospital Group strategy dedicated to Parisians’ mental health today and tomorrow

Since July 1st 2016 and many previous years of cooperation, the GHT Paris – Psychiatry and Neurosciences groups the Perray Vaucluse Hospital, the Sainte-Anne Hospital, the Maison-Blanche Hospital and two other Parisian partners, the ASM13 and the Saint Maurice Hospitals. Its goal, within the Paris area, is to create a concerted and graduated organization to guarantee a clear, accessible and fluid mental healthcare package to every single inhabitant of the Ile-de-France. In 5 words: coordination, proximity, partnerships, quality and innovation.

The GHT Paris, it’s :

  • 74 420 patients treated last year, that is to say an average of 1 Parisian out of 40 who needs the mental healthcare services of the GHT Paris – Psychiatry and Neurosciences;
  • 130 structures spread over 70 different locations to ensure next door mental healthcare services to Parisians;
  • A mental healthcare package accessible to all Parisians including psychiatry, neurosciences, addiction, medico-social…
  • An alliance between psychiatry and neurosciences enabling a both historical and innovative bridge between mental disorders and nervous system pathologies;
  • A unique university and medical center treating all brain-related illnesses with a dedicated technical platform;
  • A prestigious scientific and academic integration (COMUE Paris Sorbonne Cité, Inserm, Psychiatry and Neurosciences Center, research laboratory and an epidemiology unit);
  • A cooperation between the health, social and medico-social fields: the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux of Paris and particularly its Emergency Departments where psychiatric care is given by GHT Paris – Psychiatry and Neurosciences’ professionals, the City Council, associations, General Practitioners, the Ministry of National Education, private psychiatrists, social workers…
  • A joint leadership between the three founding hospitals: Sainte-Anne, Perray-Vaucluse and Maison-Blanche

The GHT Paris – Psychiatry and Neurosciences, which brings together the hospitals Sainte-Anne, Maison-Blanche and Perray-Vaucluse, confirms its excellent positioning in the 2016 rankings, firstly in the field of depression. Indeed, the Sainte-Anne Hospital and the Maison-Blanche Hospital occupy the first and second place. Sainte-Anne Hospital and Maison-Blanche come respectively in 1st and 4th position among more than 350 hospitals concerning the treatment of schizophrenia. As for anorexia and bulimia, Sainte-Anne Hospital is ranked second in hospitals that treat eating disorders’ national leaderboard.

Our strategic framework

  • Improving patients’ coordinated circuit, in accordance with regional and territorial mental healthcare planning;
  • Adjusting Paris’ sectors organization* to its inhabitants ways of life, focusing on convenient care;
  • Expanding the research network, based, among others, on epidemiology, and a structured research plan in close collaboration with Descartes and Diderot universities;
  • Increasing the cross fertilization and pooling of skills and resources.

A healthcare group strategy

An efficiency strategy

You can find more about our mental healthcare package in this summarizing guide


The GHT Paris – Psychiatry and Neurosciences members’

MAISON BLANCHE HOSPITAL : A laboratory for urban care

hoptital maison blanche pierre bayle
Etablissement Public de Santé Maison Blanche

Catchment area : 8th, 9th, 10th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th districts, this is to say 880 140 inhabitants.
13 psychiatry sectors for adults and 5 psychiatry inter-sectors for children and teenagers
1 Center specialized in the treatment of addictions: « La Terrasse »
1 Long Term Care Unit: « La Roseraie »
1 Research Laboratory
Presence within 3 Emergencies Departments (Bichat Hospital, Tenon Hospital, Lariboisière Hospital)
More than 1 100 beds
70 outpatient structures and 8 hospitalization sites
2 600 employees including 200 physicians
1 institute that counts more than 1 100 students


SAINTE-ANNE HOSPITAL : An epitome of the neurosciences and psychiatry alliance

centre hospitalier sainte anne
Centre hospitalier Sainte-Anne

Catchment area : 5th, 6th, 7th, 14th, 15th and 16th districts, this is to say 707 400 inhabitants
8 adult care sectors
3 childcare sectors
10 teaching departments
1 ex-offenders consultation
1 Regionalized ER Platform : le Centre Psychiatrique d’Orientation et d’Accueil (CPOA)
1 Neurosciences University Department : Neuro Sainte-Anne, which includes 8 services (Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuropathology, Neurophysiology, Neuro-Anaesthesia & Critical care, Diagnostical Neuroimaging, Post-Intensive-Care Rehabilitation Unit, Aftercare and Rehabilitation)
1 Department dedicated to Mental Health and Social Exclusion
1 leading site in research (one DRCI unit, one INSERM unit, headquarters of the psychiatry and neurosciences research center)
800 beds and places, 24 convenient care facilities spread over the city
2 400 employees including 250 physicians
3 different teaching institutes: a Nurses Institute, an Executive Nurses Institute and an Assistant Nurses Institute


PERRAY-VAUCLUSE HOSPITAL : Expert of the health and medico-social care continuum

Groupe Public de Santé Perray Vaucluse Direction
Groupe Public de Santé Perray-Vaucluse

One single site grouping:
2 long term care units
2 medico-social facilities
40 beds and 156 places of medico-social accommodation
A 300-places teaching institute for Nurses


Partner institutions

SAINT MAURICE HOSPITALS : Rooted in Paris historic city

hopital saint maurice
Hôpitaux de Saint-Maurice

Catchment area : 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 11th and 12th districts, this is to say 377 000 inhabitants
3 Psychiatric Adult Care Sectors and 2 Psychiatric Childcare Sectors in Paris
276 beds in psychiatry divided into 40 diversified structures
2 200 employees and 200 physicians
Only Parisian based facilities of Saint Maurice Hospitals’ are involved in the partnership with the GHT Paris – Psychiatry and Neurosciences.



ASM 13
ASM 13

MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION 13th DISTRICT (ASM13) : Birth of the psychiatric sector organization
1 district: the 13th where 185 000 people live
1 psychiatry sector for both adults and children
1 Specialized Care Home
1 Teaching, Research and Publication Department
1 Psychosomatic Institute
215 beds divided into 23 diversified structures
950 employees and 90 physicians


*In psychiatry, all of French departments are split into geographical areas called « sectors» (each one assuming mental healthcare services for an average of 70 000 inhabitants). In each sector, a dedicated team delivers all the psychiatric care, the prevention and the social reinsertion to all the inhabitants of the area. In other words, depending on the living area, a mental healthcare team is available next to the patient’s home, if need be.